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Beer kulture

Brewing Arts Scholarship


Craft beer has become a local and national sensation. Craft brewing is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S, and according to a study by the Florida Brewers Guild, the state of Florida could support more than 500 craft breweries, leading to a total economic output of $2.5 billion and 40,000 jobs. This potential led the College of Arts & Sciences to team up with numerous local and national breweries to create a unique on-line certificate program in the brewing arts in 2015, which has since been recognized by the Master Brewers Association of the Americas.

The Brewing Arts program on the USF St. Petersburg campus is a 23-week online program that provides participants with the foundational knowledge and hands-on training for a successful career in the industry of craft brewing. Many students work full time while completing the program and participants can take classes from anywhere in the U.S. or across the globe.  The program currently offers two courses per year, which start in February and August.
The online coursework goes through the entire process of brewing learning, from the base ingredients to the science and business of craft beer. The program is taught by both professionals and academics in the field and is followed by a hands-on training experience in a brewery to apply knowledge learned. The program is designed for hobbyists and enthusiasts looking to learn more about the art of brewery, to those who wish to work in a brewery and who may aspire to open a brewery one day.

Beer Kulture will provide a FULL Scholarship of  $5,000 which covers  the  full cost of the Brewing Arts Program. 

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