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This year for our 5th annual #Kulture4DaKids National School Supply Drive, we're back Bigger and Better! 

Over the last 5 years, nationally, we have impacted over 24,000 families in hyper local cities world wide by inviting businesses and influencers to participate in contagious CHANGE!


The goal of Kulture 4 Da Kids is to work together with our network to help organize the collection of supplies for the creation and distribution of backpacks for local students to start the year off right. Each year, we've had breweries around the country participate and organize their own version of Kulture 4 Da Kids utilizing their business space as a drop off location for supplies. 


This has continued to be a genuine and authentic way for businesses and influencers to connect with their communities and to give back! 


We are proud to KICK OFF, another Kulture 4 Da Kids event! 

I'M IN! Now What?!

You've decided that you would like to participate in #Kulture4DaKids and utilize your Brewery space as a drop off center for donations? Great! Now what?!

1) Complete the registration form. 

2) Following your submission of the Registration form. You will receive an email with a post to share via your social media pages to announce that your Brewery is joining the "Kulture 4 Da Kids" School Supply Drive! Please be sure to  TAG @Beerkulture so that we may share! There will be space within the images for you to add your breweries logo in addition to Beer Kultures. 

3) Prep your Brewery to receive donated supplies for your community, Have fun and connect with your community members. 

4) You have complete autonomy to choose the date and time in which you will be dispersing backpacks & supplies to your community members based on Back to school dates in your area. Please communicate that openly with your community members so that they are directed when & where to pick up supplies.

5) Once the submission form is completed, your Brewery will be added to the list of supporting Breweries below within 3-5 business days. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.



Is this Backpack and School Supply Drive only for St Pete Florida Breweries? 

No! You can partner with us by 1) Being a supply drop off center right where you are and inviting members of your very own community to donate school supplies. (Email us HERE if you have more questions about how you can participate).

What If I want to support but due to COVID19, I am quarantining? 

No problem! You can give a donation on our website by visiting the donate page HERE and sponsoring a backpack! 

I am in need of a backpack for my child, Where can I pick up a backpack for my child? 

We will update the pick up locations for backpacks along with dates and times as they become available. Keep watch here, as we will regularly update this space in regards to pick ups.  

How much does it cost to sponsor 1 backpack?

It costs $50 to purchase a backpack, a mask, sanitizer and all school supplies needed per child. 

What school supplies are included in a backpack?

Most backpacks will include a box of #2 pencils, 2 glue sticks, a bottle of glue, a pink eraser, a pair of scissors, pocket folders, 2 pkgs of lined notebook paper, 1 pkg of plain copy paper, blue pens, a ruler, a box of color pencils, a box of crayons, 1 inch binder, subject dividers, a pencil sharpener, highlighters, a mask, hand sanitizer and composition note books. *Some organizations will have more or less than what is mentioned above based on the needs of their communities. 

I can't sponsor a full backpack but I'd still like to donate, can I?

Of course! No donation is too small. 

I want to help a participating Brewery, should I assemble the backpack myself or just drop off any donated supplies?

You can do both! Either way, we are getting what is needed 4 Da Kids! 

I'm a participating Brewery. Are we supposed to assemble the backpacks and drop them off at a local school or will our Brewery be a pick up spot for donations as well?

The idea is to utilize your space as a drop off location until an end date established by you. You would then, assemble backpacks and then have your brewery be a pick up spot so that those in need in your community can come grab a backpack. It is recommended to utilize a "Grab and Go" model following CDC guidelines. Doing so, ensures many things at once. 1) It helps the community, 2) It makes more people aware of your brewery space and also 3) Enables each brewery to have the opportunity to organically & authentically build meaningful connections with members of the community. 

I am a participating partner in Kulture 4 Da Kids, When should I start and End my back to school supply drive?

We are recommending you start NOW and End the week that school is scheduled to begin in your home town. 

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