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The "This Ain't The Beer That You're Used To" Scholarship will be awarded on a quarterly basis. We will choose 3 candidates per quarter to be recipients of BeerSavvy Online + Certified Beer Server Exams in Partnership with Cicerone Certification Program. Beer Kulture will also fund two Certified Cicerone scholarships per year. Applications for this quarter will be accepted from now until September 30th, 2023.

To Qualify: 

- Must be a United States Citizen or permanent resident.

- Additional consideration will be given to low socio-economic status applicants as well as applicants who are underrepresented minorities. 

- Must demonstrate a strong passion for beer knowledge. 

To Donate:

- Click the donate button above to donate to the This Ain't The Beer That You're Used To Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is made possible by generous donors like YOU!

Are you new to beer or looking to expand your knowledge? Download the Cicerone Certification Program's Introduction to Beer by visiting here and using our code: IntroToKulture at checkout. Typically the ebook costs $4.99 per download. For you, it's FREE. You will need to register for an account in order to download the ebook. 

Learn about our Alumni Scholarship recipients HERE. 

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