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The "This Ain't The Beer That You're Used To" Scholarship will be awarded on a quarterly basis. We will choose 3 candidates per quarter to be recipients of BeerSavvy Online + Certified Beer Server Exams in Partnership with Cicerone Certification Program. Beer Kulture will also fund two Certified Cicerone scholarships per year. Applications for this quarter will be accepted from now until September 14th, 2020.

To Qualify: 

- Must be a United States Citizen or permanent resident.

- Additional consideration will be given to low socio-economic status applicants as well as applicants who are underrepresented minorities. 

- Must demonstrate a strong passion for beer knowledge. 

To Donate:

- Click the donate button above to donate to the This Ain't The Beer That You're Used To Scholarship Fund.

This Ain't The Beer That You're Used To Scholarship Application

"This Ain't The Beer That You're Used To" Scholarship Fund,  will be awarded to those who demonstrate a strong passion for beer knowledge. This scholarship promotes diversity within the craft beverage profession through offering quarterly scholarship programs for those who identify as Black, African American, Hispanic, Native North American, and Pacific Islander and other BIOPIC applicants. 


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Beer Kulture


Hop Culture

Paid Internship

Beer Kulture & Hop Culture has teamed up to launch a paid Internship - For the Kulture!

This internship benefits artists | Writers | & Photographers, who identify as Black, African American, Hispanic, Native North American, Pacific Islander or other BIPOC candidates. The chosen candidate will receive training, and publication across Hop Culture and Beer Kulture platforms. 

Stay tuned here for more details and launch date! 

Kandidate Job Board

The Kandidate Job Board is a tool created to increase workplace diversity through intentional recruitment. Find out more below! 


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