Together, we can change the world - one beer at a time. 


Looking to apply for a position on the board? Email Tiesha@Beerkulture.com to inquire. 

latiesha cook

Chief Executive Officer


Cicerone Program Certified Beer Server


khristopher johnson

Vice President

Owner/Head Brewer of Greenbench Brewing 

jasmine olds

Community Engagement Ambassador

Head of Design 


Funding chair possesses the art and skill of fundraising. The funding chair organizes fundraising events and comes up with unique and fun ways to communicate Kulture's mission to its' partners. 

FUNDING CHAIR - *Here* to apply

Our craft expert is cicerone certified and/or has a minimum of 4 years’ experience as a craft beer professional. The craft expert will possess the skill to discuss beer fluently and will play a key role in providing their sound expertise in Kulture's Kollabs. 

CRAFT EXPERT- *Here* to apply

Our Marketing & PR Director will accelerate the growth and impact of Beer Kulture while focusing on helping Beer Kulture move its mission forward. The Marketing and PR Director possesses the skill of targeting the right media outlets to discuss Kulture's mission, and will know how to frame, target and promote press releases. 

MARKETING & PR DIRECTOR- *Here* to apply