Pretty Face with a Beer Taste

It was a nice Monday, I just took my baby girl to daycare and I didn't have to bartend later that night so day drinking was a must! I get back home do my makeup, fix my hair, you know get ready to slay the day. After running some errands, I stop by Mellow Mushroom to get one of their Portobello sandwiches and I had a taste for a stout. I sit at the bar to find a very appealing to the eye bartender. I play it cool though, I'm not thirsty out here in these streets. He speaks and welcomes me and asks what I'd like to drink. I speak back, thank him and ask for the beer menu to check for new stouts. He tilted his head and said “Nah, little mama you too cute to be drinking beer.” I give him equally the same expression he gives me and say “What you mean?” He states back, “Nah no offense but pretty girls like you don't suppose to drink beer.” I laugh and ask, “So you're telling me only ugly girls drink beer?”

“No, but you just don't look like the type of girl to drink it.”

“Well, what does the type of girl who drinks beer look like?”

“You know what the girls who drink beer look like.”

I flash him a smile and respond, “Yeah, me baby, but I'll have a glass of “Stout at the Devil" from Straight To Ale.” So much for thinking he was appealing. If I had a penny for every time I had this conversation with a guy I'd be making more money than some of these Instagram models. There's no description on what type of woman drinks beer. All women can drink beer if we all wanted to. Now living in the Montgomery and Tuskegee area of Alabama, the amount of black craft beer drinkers isn't the most vast so of course seeing a young woman drinking craft beer around these parts is a bit different. Especially if it’s a “5’2”, 117 lb. twenty four year old with red hair looking like a bougie black little mermaid.

Yeah I give off those vibes sometimes, and there are other women like me. We might be slim in my area, however, we are around and we can probably tell you a thing or two about the beer you're drinking. I wanted to tell him how I've been in the Army going on eight years and I probably could drink him under the table but he could tell that he lost my interest and brought my beer out and kept himself busy. I had two more glasses, ate my sandwich tipped and left. After leaving I still couldn't shake the conversation he and I had out my head. It got me to thinking, where does this stigma of women who drinks beer come from? Why is it so shocking for a woman to want not just beer but good quality beer? So I did what most women in their early 20s do when our minds are stuck and need answers? You guessed it, I called my mom, she was busy though so next best thing in line was Granny. I call up my old lady and ask, “Granny what is so shocking about a woman drinking beer? Now she herself was never a huge drinker but at the tender age of 74 I still trust her input. She says “Well beer isn't a woman's drink baby.” I asked, “Well why not?” She looked at me and said because that's a man's thing, women drink wine and men drink beer. “Says who?”, I ask. Who made this sexist ideology up? Knowing her for my whole life I already knew where the conversation was heading.


“Only a certain type of female does that kind of stuff, you don't want to be that kind of girl.” Gender roles and respectability are very huge part in just about every black woman's world. Whether it be how we wear our hair, do our nails, even down to what we wear. Especially down to what we wear, but that's another topic for another day. At a young age a black girl is taught, “Don't act this way, it’ll make you look that way.” Hell, I. couldn't wear red fingernail polish until after graduating high school because my mom was under the impression “A girl wearing red fingernail polish ain't nothing but hot in the ass!” If I were to drink a wine cooler at the family barbecue no one would bat an eye. Let me reach in the “men's” cooler and grab a nice cold beer, I'd be told “Girl that ain't for you, that's for the fellas it's some wine or something over there". Damn, did my hand reaching in the cooler trigger something for you fam? Last time I checked, I was grown. I will politely put the beer back and take my little cute ass to the nearest bar and get me a beer there in peace. I don't need permission on what I put on my body so I definitely don't need it for what I put in it. If I enjoy the taste of beer and the feeling it gives me, what business is it to a man or another woman. If she wants to drink beer in a full ball gown, she can do that. If she wants to wear a three piece suit and drink a beer she can do that too! Black women who are craft beer drinkers, we come in all different ways just like craft beer comes all different ways. A man is high key missing out if he doesn't want to be with a woman just because she drinks beer. There isn't such a thing as being too pretty or girly for beer and I'm here to prove it. Every woman may not like the taste of beer, but every woman can drink a beer if she wants. Boss chicks drink what we want and how we want it, especially beer!

Toast to all the ladies❤

Airie The “Black Mermaid"

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