Pilsners & point guards

It’s mid day on a lazy Saturday, it just finished raining cats and dogs outside here in Florida and I’m drinking a Pilsner Urquell, just thinking and pondering about things as I always do. My mood is chill, my crib is quiet, my beer is cold, a easy drinking yet refreshing Pilsner that’s on the money at this particular moment. Somebody recently stated that Beer Kulture was the point guard of beer for the future and it made me start thinking about what a point guard does- let me share my thoughts. 

For you basketball fanatics out here you know inside and out what a point guard is and the responsibilities that they have while on the court, while those who are unfamiliar with basketball are more than likely to be in the dark. I’m not a sports fan myself but I’ve seen enough games to understand the job of a PG and to recognize the principles that we can apply to our personal lives from the roles that they play. 

First, let’s look at the definition of a point guard. Dictionary.com defines it as, “the guard who directs the teams offense from the point.” They direct the flow of the ball, the pace of the plays being made, the direction of their team- they’re the general on the court. Their job entails being aware of what’s going on, being able to know where each player is and being ready to get the ball to the best person who can take the shot, this is called an assist- they pass the ball to the right person who shoots their shot and scores, this is what they do. They also run interference and set picks as well but I want to focus on the assisting part of their job. 

Now, even though point guards have this responsibility to make assists during games all of the other team members do this as well- just not as often but when we think about an assist what comes to your mind? *crickets* Okay, let me put it like this, when it’s 10 seconds on the clock & the PG (or any other player) makes an assist to the right person and they hit the game winning shot, who is applauded? Who do YOU show the excitement for? Most people, if they are honest will say the one who hit the game winning shot and that’s understandable to a certain extent but does the person who made the assist get no love? Is their skill of being aware and unselfish (because they know they will not get lauded with praises) to be downplayed? Hell. Fucking. No. 

Peep it, everybody wants to be the superstar. Everybody wants to be the person of the moment who has all eyes on them. Whether that’s because of insecurities or lack of attention growing up or lord knows what this is what most of us strive for. Nobody wants to be the person who is good at connecting the dots and getting no credit for it. Now, before I go on I must say that real people will acknowledge you and give you credit whether you are looking for it or not but I digress. 

The one who makes an assist does so not only because it’s their job but also because they’re great at doing it, they aren’t selfish, insecure narcissists, they have their teams best interest at hand ie they see the bigger picture and they enjoy doing it. They don’t hold envy or resentment in their hearts because the light isn’t always cast on them. The team winning is the goal! Many of us don’t think this way, we want to be the center of attention- no pun intended and with having these mentalities we show our true colors. 

But this shouldn’t be the case, we should take pride in setting that pick so our peoples can score. We should be proud to pass the ball to the homie if the opportunity better suits them- no matter how good the opportunity is. We should be able to do these things with love and out of love but in order to do that ones heart and motives need to be pure. Sure, it will happen that you make an assist and a selfish or phony person will gladly accept it and run with it but never credit you or show you love- that’s going to happen often, trust me. But the real ones are going to throw the frisbee back to you, but even if they don’t- you’re not doing this looking for them to do that. You’re doing this because it’s who you are and what you’re great at and the universe will see that and repay you for it. 

It’s not about being seen or being popular or being viewed as this or that (well, maybe in this social media era it is- but fuck that), it’s about putting someone else in position or giving them the opportunity to take a shot that will hopefully- ultimately help everyone win as we push forward to victory. This isn’t a time for favoritism or to let bitterness corrode your heart- nah, it’s a time to recognize who is in the best place to make the shot- who has the best chance of making it in. 

We respect the shooter but the one who made the assist should be respected just as much, a body needs multiple parts working together in unison to function properly just as the shooter needs the point guard to make that assist that helped him make that point. 

I’ll finish on this, everyone has a role to play- recognize your position and be great at it. Don’t let superficial desires cause you to try to play a position that isn’t yours to play. Whatever position it is that you have been created to play, play the fuck out of it and be great. 

Now let me crack another Pilsner so I can continue to enjoy this vibe, you should try one yourself.


My Beer Gangsta is Respekted, B 


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