Big Mood: Pairing the Right Beer with the right vibe, food and music.

Riding through the streets of my city, gazing at palm trees & pink birds with the speakers blasting, “listening to music at the Mayan ruins/ true devotion on the bluest ocean, cruisin’/“ Naybahood Nip sliding on the self entitled intro song from his latest and legendary album, “Victory Lap”. I’m feeling inspired. I’m feeling motivated. I’m feeling proud of myself and the skin I’m in. I’m feeling like, “I’m prolific, so gifted” because I know, “I’m the type that’s gone go get it”- No Kidding. I’m feeling like a champion, it’s a great day and I’m in a great mood. A Big Mood. 

I pull up to my local watering hole to grab a brew. I mean, it’s mandatory to eat, drink and enjoy life. But what am I gonna drink that can match this big mood of mines? I’m feeling victorious & when your mood is so light & bright- when you’re ready to “lift up a cigar- with sweat dripping down your face cause the mission was hard” but you accomplished it (or at least that’s just the Big Mood you’re walking in that day), It’s only one thing to drink- Gueuze. 

Gueuze (gur-zah) is like the champagne of Belguim, where it hails from, traditionally made in Brussels and surrounding areas like Payottenland. It’s a subset of beer within the Lambic family, a family of beers that are blended and spontaneously fermented that come in different ABV’s and flavors but are all highly tart beers made in the same tradition as one another. 

Belguim, a small European country that’s split mainly between two different ethnic groups of people, Flemish (who speak Dutch and reside in the northern region of Flanders) and Walloons (who speak French and reside in the southern region of Wallonia) is a country that has a rich history concerning beer. One that isn’t easily rivaled and that’s as diverse as an NYC subway.

Gueuze is usually spotted & served in 350ml or 750ml champagne style bottles, caged and corked. Poured into a glass is a golden drink that’s effervescent and unlike any other drink you’ve had. It’s usually a blend of 3 different beers, usually 1 year, 2 year and 3 year blends and by the balanced, yet complex taste we can tell if the blender was in his bag or not. This is a wheat beer, aged in oak barrels that owes a lot of its flavor & aroma to its surroundings because like wine, the terroir of the area is what adds all the character here. 

It’s a light to medium light bodied beer with high carbonation and a acidity that’ll slap you in the face like Nip did ole boy at the awards show. A refreshing, complex beer, light & bright flavors of citrus balanced with earthy & hay like notes all held together by the bready flavor of the malt & wheat. Served alongside many dishes and incorporated into many recipes but fuck does it go great with seafood of all sorts. 

Around my way, we usually reach for champagne when it’s time to celebrate. We grab that Moet, Belaire or Veuve Clicquot with no second guesses. Whether it’s Brut or Rosé, aged in a cellar or the current years variant we toss it back. That’s what Gueuze is for me when it’s time to celebrate a victory or Big Mood. Whether I’m grabbing a dry one or one that has been aged on different fruits, cellared or the current years variant it’s my go to beer style when it’s a lituation- but it’s also dope enough to be enjoyed whenever you feel like it. 

Hopping back in the whip, I throw that Victory Lap back on and continue vibin’ and enjoying that Big Mood because winners and champions are what we are. Now seek out  and pop a bottle of Gueuze and toast to the Big mood of the good life. 

Signing off,


My Beer Gangsta is Respekted, B 

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